Submission Guidelines

"Crooner" by Teresa Moore

“Crooner” by Teresa Moore

Dare to be Fabulous is open to new story submissions.

Your story should be written in the first person and relay a true personal experience. A caveat is that no living being was intentionally harmed either physically or emotionally by your actions. After all, fabulous women would never let that happen!

Have you ever done something that you look back on and think, “wow, that was really brave of me,” or, “good for me, I did it!”? Something personally daring that gave you a sense of joy, or relief, or surprise, or empowerment? Something that helped you open up? Or feel all the more true to yourself? Maybe all of the above?

Please peruse this website to familiarize yourself with the theme before making a submission.

Note that submissions may be edited for considerations of style, grammar, or length, and that titles may also be altered.


Written submissions can be any length up to 2,000 words.


  • Write “Submission:” in the email subject line, followed by your story’s title.
  • At the top of the message, please provide your name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Please write the word count of your story
  • If your story has been previously published (websites and blogs included), please note where and when. Please confirm that you hold the copyright and provide full permission to reprint your story.
  • Include a short blurb about yourself in two or three sentences. Feel free to include a pertinent website for more information.
  • Below the bio blurb, please paste the full text of your written story in 14 pt font.

Submission email:


There is currently no remuneration for stories that are featured on the website, or for stories selected for the book publication.

If your story is selected for the book, you will receive a copy of the book and will be invited to participate in book readings and media interviews.

Rights and Reprints:

Dare to be Fabulous is interested in non-exclusive rights, in all languages, in print and digital editions, throughout the world. Use of the material will not restrict the authors’ rights to have their stories reprinted elsewhere. However, reproduction of any of the featured stories will need a proper citation to Dare to be Fabulous and to the publisher.

Please send reprint inquiries to

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