Stories – life perspectives and spiritual paths

Anna Elkins

“WE CAN READ!” by Anna Elkins

And there on her doorstep, I had a revelation. When we tell our stories of gratitude—the anecdotes—we create the antidote ...
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Kristin McCloy, novelist

A NOVEL IDEA by Kristin McCloy

When I'm writing I often ask my small charges to help me channel the genie, and so often they will ...
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Julia Butterfly Hill

HEART by Julia Butterfly Hill

The root word for courage comes from the French and means “heart.” True courage can only come when we are ...
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Moina Shaiq

MEET A MUSLIM by Moina Shaiq

It was standing room only and it was pretty overwhelming. I invited people to ask me any questions that they ...
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Alcoholic Anonymous


He was baffled and horrified by the amount of alcohol I was consuming, but he was devastated by my lying ...
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WHY I BECAME A BUDDHIST by Pema Chödrön (a story told on video)

In this short video, Pema Chodron candidly and humorously shares the story of her broken marriage and how it ultimately ...
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