A story about revealing her secretly-held diagnosis to friends after 20 years . . .

Read her story, and many more, in the book, coming in Summer, 2022!

Dare to be Fabulous: Follow the journeys of daring women on the path to finding their true north.

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Rebecca Chamaa’s work has been published in Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, Business Insider, Hope for Women, Woman Alive, and other magazines. She also wrote a book titled, Pills, Poetry & Prose: Life with Schizophrenia.

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  1. I read your articles in the devotion book “Strength and Grace”. Thank you for sharing your life, thoughts, struggles and positive outlook.

  2. I’m sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing and for your support.

  3. I have bipolar. Love your stories in Guideposts and reread them.Keep writing!

  4. I read your short pieces in Guideposts – Strength and Grace.
    I admire your courage and faith and that you have a patient loving husband. God bless you. I hope you know that your writings help many people, also myself.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been a psychiatric nurse for 23 years now. My brother was mentally ill and died as a direct result of his disease. It’s so important for people like you to speak up and show the world that mental illness is not a hopeless condition as portrayed in movies like “The Shining,” and similar sensationalistic nonsense. Bless you and enjoy your life

    • I’m sorry about the loss of your brother. Thank you for doing the difficult work of a psychiatric nurse for so many years, and thank you for taking the time to comment.

    • I have recorded proofs of psychologists in CT with evidence fabrication roles, and with drug crimes. Are you a psychiatrist? You wrote something of insidious nature in relationship to another post you then locked responses from, and with a pattern of that tied to insulation of proofs of system psychology crimes, and delusions since founding.

  6. Oh My. This was one of your best pieces, I have read yet. I am smiling from the photos though. <3 Sarah's Attic Of Treasures, Hugs Sarah

  7. Thanks for this beautiful, clear, heartening & honest account. I learned a lot & wish the author continued success & all kinds of peace & happiness.