What’s in a name? For Miho, a lot

Miho Aida is an environmental educator and filmmaker and the force behind a media project titled “If She Can Do It, You Can Too: Empowering Women through Outdoor Role Models.”  On the website, she writes, “Being a woman of color in the outdoor industry makes me stand out; everyone notices my presence immediately. At the same time, I often feel invisible. . . ”  Miho wants all girls to have environmental and outdoor role models who look and sound like they do.


Miho is also the producer and director of a documentary film titled The Sacred Place Where Life Begins: Gwich’in Women Speak. In our newly featured DTBF story, Miho tells us about the film and going on a summer film tour, riding her bicycle to every venue.

 Click to read our new DTBF story:  “THE WISH BEHIND MY NAME” by Miho Aida.

Watch the trailer for her documentary film:



P.S. A special shout-out to Ellen Fagan for her insight and feedback during the editing of this story. Thank you El. You’re the best.


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