A Tribute to Governor Ann Richards

Whether Republican, Democratic, or Independent, no one would argue the sheer fabulousness of former Texas governor Ann Richards, whom we sadly lost to cancer on September 13 at the age of 73. When we first conceived of Dare To Be Fabulous, the incomparable Ann Richards was at the top of both Johanna’s and my lists of women we felt truly defined the concept.

Along with her laser-precise, sometimes outrageous, yet warm and self-deprecating humor, Ann Richards was known for her innovation in government, her compassion, and her trailblazing. During her tenure as governor, she appointed more women and minorities to important positions than all three of her successors put together. She never stopped being a champion for the success and advancement of women. Most important in my view, is her founding of the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, scheduled to open next year in Austin. An incredible legacy and an incredible gift to young women and to society. And my question is: Why had no one thought to do that earlier? It took Ann Richards.

Many articles will no doubt be published in the coming days in tribute to this legendary woman, but here we will link the AP story by Kelly Shannon that appeared today: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060914/ap_on_re_us/obit_richards . It ends with a quote responding to a question about what she might have done differently had she known she would only be a one-term governor. “Oh,” she said, “I would probably have raised more hell.”

Today, in honor of the great Ann Richards, instead of encouraging you to “Dare To Be Fabulous,” we’d just like to say, “Dare To Raise Hell!”


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