New story from Molly Caro May and Truckin’

Map of EnoughOur new featured story comes from Molly Caro May, author of the critically acclaimed memoir, The Map of Enough: One Woman’s Search for Place, which is now out in paperback. The book is about when she and her fiancé built a Mongolian yurt from scratch and lived on 107 acres of wilderness in Montana.

“The Map of Enough is moving, poetic, and addictive. May’s sense of wonder at her new world and adventurous spirit is admirable and contagious, but even more important is the way she inspires us to question our own deeply-held beliefs about home and happiness.”—Elle

Molly Caro May’s DTBF story is “what is hot in the heart these days,” she says. May candidly recounts how pregnancy and motherhood didn’t go exactly as she planned. Click here to read May’s story, “What I Never Expected.”

Also, as the Grateful Dead play their Fare Thee Well tour in Santa Clara (June 27-28) and Chicago (July 3-5), Dare to be Fabulous is revisiting a blog/story about when I rode shotgun in an 18-wheeler with my college beau as he drove long distances for Truckin’ Movers, a company run by a couple of Deadheads who used the song title and boot logo with the band’s permission. The story has been slightly edited since it originally appeared. Click here to read “Truckin’ “

Dare to be Fabulous is always open to new story submissions. For those who might prefer to share a story in audio or on video, those formats are also welcomed. Read the Submission Guidelines for more information.



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