In wine there is truth

Ginny Lambrix is a DTBF contributor who has made a name for herself in the wine industry. . . literally! VML Winery, established in 2011 in the Russian River Valley, was named after her. Today, she oversees winemaking for this winery and for all the brands of Truett-Hurst.

Ginny’s DTBF story is about her path to sustainable viticulture and her love of wine.

Read “In Vino Veritas” by Ginny Lambrix

Ginny DTBF tee

Ginny wearing a DTBF tee in the vineyard (2009)

I raise my glass and offer a toast. . . to living one’s truth!

Also, we just announced the discovery of a stash of DTBF tees. If you’d like to purchase our tees (short and long-sleeve available), check out our re-uploaded boutique and inventory sale.



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