Hot, wet, and daring

As temperatures reach well into the 100s across the globe and vacationers head to cool water for a much-needed reprieve, Dare to be Fabulous brings you two stories to complement that experience. Lounge back on that beach chair (or that blanket, sofa, chair or bed) and enjoy.

Jenna Jolovitz and Stephen Colbert

Jenna Jolovitz and Stephen Colbert perform a skit on his final show at Second City

First, our newly featured DTBF story. This one comes from Jenna Jolovitz, an improv writer and actor who was a troupe member at Second City in Chicago alongside Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell and many others. (You can watch her and Carrell in a Second City pilot through a link in her story’s introduction.) Jenna has also been a writer for a number of notable TV comedies, including Saturday Night Live.

Jenna’s DTBF story is about an improvised experience in her own life. When in France, do as the French do: go topless at the beach in Cannes. Well, here’s what happened when Jenna did just that. Read “Isn’t that Fabulous” by Jenna Jolovitz.


Swimming by Lisa Chun

The second story was written by moi, DTBF’s editor. It’s highlighted with Jenna’s story, because it is strikingly similar in theme: a young woman traveling solo during the heat of summer and experiencing bouts of self-consciousness as she heads into the water. This one was published in Moxie Magazine years before Dare to be Fabulous came into existence. The magazine is no longer in print but the story remains online and is linked here. It’s about a solo road trip from L.A. to Yosemite just after I turned thirty. Read  “Communion” by Johanna McCloy.

Here’s to overcoming self-consciousness and seizing the day. Stay cool and keep daring, everyone!


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