Freewriting exercises during the month of May

some freewriting exercises in May

If ever there was an ideal time to invoke the spirit of daring to be fabulous, this is it. Nothing like a pandemic to strike the fear in all of us and rattle our ways of life.

How are you doing? How are you holding up? Are you taking care of yourselves? Getting out for daily walks and fresh air? Eating well? Connecting with loved ones?

Are you nursing your spirit in other ways? Taking a class, learning a craft, cooking new recipes, or revisiting a long-shelved project? Keeping the spirit open and the mind pliable is also vital for good health.

With this in consideration, I plan to devote myself to some creative freewriting exercises during the month of May. Want to join me?

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, from May 5 through May 28, I will send out a freewriting exercise prompt to those who sign up. The idea with these prompts is to freewrite, meaning to write without pause or prior deliberation, for ten minutes. That’s it. See where the writing takes you.

Each freewriting exercise will vary in focus or style, to keep your creative juices flowing by exploring sensory experiences, fresh perspectives, characterization, dialog, and more. I also invite participants to share their writing exercises with me! I’ll post some highlights in a future blog.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • If you received this post via email, please click reply and write YES in the subject line.
  • If you are not an existing blog subscriber, please email and write SUBSCRIBE TO MAY PROMPTS in the subject line. I’ll add you to the email list.

Play time! Please share this with anyone else you know who might like to join the fun.

Stay healthy and safe (and sane) out there.



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