An extremely shy TV news anchor shares her personal story

Wendy Tokuda worked as a primetime anchor in local TV news for almost 40 years. She anchored the news in Seattle, Los Angeles, and for the majority of her career, in San Francisco. She was also the first Asian American to anchor a weekday primetime newscast in San Francisco.

With that history, you’d likely assume that Wendy is naturally outgoing, extroverted, or unafraid to speak up. That is not so. At least it wasn’t for a very long time.

In our newly posted DTBF story, Wendy shares her personal experience of overcoming extreme shyness, and how she carved her own path to eventually become an Emmy-winning journalist and one of the most popular TV news anchors in the Bay Area.

Read “A Shy TV Anchor” by Wendy Tokuda

Fear often holds us back. Courage and determination can get us far. This story is a wonderful example.

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