Accidentally catapulting into a dream

It’s easy to become complacent in life. The mind has a way of settling into a groove of self-talk. It can rationalize a life that is routine and predictable while keeping a sense of risk at bay. It takes mindful discipline to continually engage with the present and to ensure that complacency isn’t squashing that feisty spirit of derring-do.

Sometimes, it takes a dramatic personal experience to shake us out of our constrained selves, to help us recognize the preciousness of life, to revisit our dreams, and to take new actions.

Journalist Aurelia d’Andrea shares a DTBF story about exactly such an experience in her own life.┬áSince she was a kid, Aurelia had always dreamt of living in Paris.

I didn’t have the answers, yet never believed that moving to another country was outside the realm of possibility. But life–and a risk-averse husband–kept getting in the way of the dream.

Then, “Thwoosh!” A car accident almost literally catapulted her there.

Read Aurelia d’Andrea’s DTBF story, “Daring to Follow a Dream.”

Here’s to 2016. Wishing happy new beginnings to all!


  • Well-behaved women rarely make history. ~ Laurel Thatcher Ulrich