A DTBF story from Alcoholic Anonymous

Our new DTBF story is titled “The Fabulosity of Simplicity” and comes from a fabulous woman who also happens to be a personal friend. This contributor has shared versions of her story probably hundreds of times by now, always prefacing it with the following words: “Hi, I’m [her first name], and I’m an alcoholic.” On these occasions, she is in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, where she is surrounded with supportive individuals who, like her, are traveling through the arduous and often profound journey of addiction and sobriety. In sharing her story on DTBF’s platform, she has opted not to provide her name and has asked to be referenced simply as Alcoholic Anonymous.

What could be more daring and ultimately more fabulous than to come through addiction and find solace in the beautiful simplicity that sobriety can bring?  Personal stories shared in the rooms of AA (or any other support group) are unique to each individual, but there’s a comfort that comes from the collective understanding of everyone in the room.

We may at times feel alone, different, misunderstood, isolated or even unknowable but here’s the thing, we’ve all been there. Some of us might be more adept at publicly masking our feelings of insecurity or vulnerability, but in experiencing them, we aren’t quite as alone as we might think. And certainly not unknowable. That’s why 12 step programs work for so many people. When they start owning their stories in these supportive environments, it helps them to  stop feeling so alone. And in sharing those stories, they actually help others who see themselves reflected and recognize the same thing. It’s humbling to speak up, but it’s also empowering.

It takes courage to look within, to acknowledge ourselves fully and to take actions contrary to everything we’re used to in order to find our way to peace, health, or fulfillment. It can feel scary and raw, but ultimately liberating. In this particular DTBF story, that road also led to the unexpected and wonderful experience of basking in all the joy that day-to-day simplicity can bring.

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