A book update and an endorsement from Julianna Margulies

Dare to be Fabulous just received a book endorsement from multiple award-winning actor and author, Julianna Margulies. Here’s an update on the book, along with her wonderful endorsement.

It makes me so happy to share this endorsement, not only with subscribers and blog visitors and potential readers, but also with all my contributors, whose personal stories comprise the book.

“This book holds together the power women find when they are honest and courageous and truthful. Some of these stories moved me to tears, others made me believe in humanity again, many I could identify with. This book brought me tremendous joy, insight and brought me back to believe in the human spirit.”

~ JULIANNA MARGULIES, multiple award-winning actor and author of Sunshine Girl: An Unexpected Life

Let this be an affirmation: when you share your personal experiences with humility, courage, honesty, and humor, you can have a big impact.

The full roster of book contributors and their story titles is available to peruse on the Dare to be Fabulous website.

Pre-order your book today

You can pre-order the Dare to be Fabulous ebook for Kindle (pre-ordered Kindle ebooks sometimes arrive before the release date.)  The paperback will become available closer to the release date of August 4, 2022.

Offer an early book rating

If you enjoyed reading the stories previously featured on the website, you’re familiar with the theme of this book. Please consider rating the book now, so other readers can discover it! Link to the retailer book pages above and click the stars. You can also rate and review the book on Goodreads. (Amazon welcomes book ratings and reviews starting on, or just before, the release date.)

Consider the Dare to be Fabulous Journal Notebook as a writing companion

The Dare to be Fabulous Journal Notebook will also be released in August, 2022. This 120-page publication has a colorful, glossy hardcover and features 50+ inspiring and humorous women’s quotes.  Consider this as a companion for the writing and reflection prompts offered in the book. Together, they make a beautiful set.

More updates as they come!


Dare to be Fabulous  

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