* Editor, Johanna McCloy 

Have you heard the adage, “compare and despair”? Dare to be Fabulous proposes this antidote: “relate and celebrate!” The personal is universal, and the universal personal. Every affirming action reverberates into the world and bolsters others in its wake.

Liberating ourselves from tired or long-established behaviors, expectations, or fears, can be a very powerful experience. Sometimes, it can also bring levity and laughter. We can all relate to how it feels to cross a personal divide into unknown terrain, to take a chance, to shift our perspective, and to stretch a little. We’re all different, so every path is unique to our individual personalities and circumstances, but how we feel . . . that’s more universal. And it helps to know that we aren’t alone.

Since 2005, Dare to be Fabulous has featured personal stories of daring, joy, and empowerment from women on all walks of life. The upcoming book will revisit some of those stories and will include some new ones. Subscribe to receive updates!

About the Editor, Johanna McCloy

Johanna lived in Spain, India, Japan, and Venezuela, before receiving her B.A. from Duke University in Comparative Area Studies and Anthropology. She is a freelance writer/editor, SAG-AFTRA actor, and director of Veggie Happy.

Johanna is also editor of Bordertown Publishing, which published her mother’s memoir, Six Car Lengths Behind an Elephant: Undercover & Overwhelmed as a CIA Wife and Mother by Lillian McCloy.

Samples of Johanna’s published writing:


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